The deepest questions that human beings seek to answer are the questions pertaining to the reason for our existence. The deepest questions are the questions of why. Why does the Universe exist? Why are beings such as ourselves alive and living in the Universe?

An in depth knowledge of the workings of the Universe is required in order to have any real hope of determining the reason for the existence of the Universe, or the reason for the existence of life in the Universe. Before we can answer why the Universe exists, we must know what the Universe is. In order to answer the questions of why, we must first answer the questions of what and how. What is the nature of the Universe? What are we as humans? How does the universe work? How does life work? How is it that we are able to contemplate the purpose of our existence?

Philosophy attempts to answer the questions of why based on the answers the physical sciences give to the questions of what and how. The ultimate goal of philosophy is to explain why the Universe exists. The ultimate goal of physics is to explain what the Universe is, and how what is observed works.

This book deals with questions of what and how, the physics of the Universe.


Humans beings have made great progress in determining the nature of the Universe in the last three hundred years. The advent of the scientific method in the 17th century gave humankind the tool we needed to divorce fact from myth. The success of the scientific method has been the driving force in human beings gaining a real understanding of the physical Universe.

The cardinal rule of science is that every effect must have a cause. Science is based on the physical logic of cause and effect. However, modern quantum physics is riddled with unacceptable non-causal physical interpretations of nature.

My philosophical belief is that there is a cause for every effect. I strongly advocate the principal of cause and effect, even in, especially in, the quantum realm.


This book proposes a new interpretation of several well known experimental facts and observations in which all of those facts and observations are explained as being caused by the same underlying mechanism.

I know of no part of this new interpretation which contradicts any present experimental fact or observation.

I have taken great measures to follow through the details to look for conflicts with present experimental fact and observation, because any conflict with established experimental fact would mean that the path I was following was wrong. The new interpretation of the experimental facts and observations does not conflict with any scientific fact as far as I know. I had to resolve all possible objections of which I knew before I could accept the idea myself. All objections raised by physicists so far have been resolved.

The author wishes to make clear his deep appreciation of the fact that the ultimate judge and the only true judge of nature is nature itself. The only way to determine the reality of nature is by applying the scientific method of experimental science. Descriptions of nature can be relied on to be true, if and only if, the truth of nature was revealed using the basic technique of the scientific method. Experimental observation is the only truth of nature, all else is merely interpretation.


This version of this book is a development edition. The reader should therefore be aware of several items pertinent of the information presented.

This edition requires the reader to know the Standard Model of Particle physics and know the present extent of knowledge in astronomy.

There is almost certainly an error in the configuration of the particle structure illustrations similar to a sign error in a mathematics problem. The orientation of the magnetic dipoles may need to be reversed depending on a better modeling of magnetic interaction at the unit particle level. So, the illustrations are a model, not a structurally accurate diagram.

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