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Human beings can already observe the effects of currents in the universal ocean in our everyday life. As is shown is detail in Part III Chapter 7 Magnetic Flux., the flow of the neutral massless background oceanic particles manifests in our daily lives as the flow of magnetic flux.

Magnetic flux is proposed to be the flow of background pure matter particles.

The ebb and flow of the electromagnetic interaction parallels the alternating motion of the flow of charged matter and the reaction of the background ocean in response to the flow of the charged matter. The motion of charged matter and the flow of background oceanic particles in response to the motion of charged matter is proposed to be the electromagnetic interaction.

The proposition is made that the momentum energy of charged matter in motion pushes against the background causing momentum energy to be transferred to the background oceanic particles, causing the background oceanic particles to have momentum. Then, since the energy actually hosted by the charged particle that was caused the flow of the background particles, that same energy is regained as the momentum energy of the charged particle.

Magnetic Flux is discussed in detail in Part III, Chapter 7, Magnetic Flux.

Chapter 7 Section 1 Charged Current Magnetic Fields
Chapter 7 Section 2 Particle Intrinsic Magnetic Fields


When electrical current flows in a wire, it generates a magnetic field around the wire. The direction of force in the magnetic field follows the left hand rule due to the negative charge of the electrons in the current. The left hand rule applies for negative current with the thumb of the left hand is pointed in the direction that the negative current is flowing, and the left hand fingers point in the north direction of the magnetic flux caused by the current.

An electron flowing through a symbolic wire.

In the above 'head on view' illustration of an electron flowing in a wire, the electron is traveling toward the reader and heading out of the paper toward the reader. In this 'head on view', the electron spins clockwise and exhibits left hand spin. (The left hand thumb is pointed toward the reader.)

Electrons have the quantum mechanical property of intrinsic angular momentum or spin, and a magnetic dipole. The magnetic dipole has the same axis as the spin axis.

The electromotive force that causes the electrons to flow in the wire also orients the electrons so that they travel in the direction of north on their magnetic dipoles. There is a correlation between the left hand angular momentum of the electrons and the left hand flow of magnetic flux caused by their motion.

It is proposed here that the left hand energy rotation about the electron, or intrinsic angular momentum, causes the flow of the background particles, which manifest as magnetic flux.

The quantum angular momentum and the magnetic flux around the wire have the same direction. Suppose the energy rotation around the electron caused background ocean particles to have momentum. Both the energy rotation and momentum of background particles would then have left hand spin. Suppose the energy rotation around the electron causes momentum energy to be imparted onto the massless neutral oceanic particles causing them to move around the wire. The motion of the oceanic particles would then be the same thing as magnetic flux.

The lines of force of the electron are indicated by the horizontal and vertical lines. The heavy circle is the wire boundary. The direction of the magnetic field around the wire is indicated by the diamonds with the north and south magnetic poles labeled. The energy rotation of the electron (angular moment) causes the background field particles to flow in a clockwise motion indicated by the two bent arrows. The small arrow beside each oceanic particle indicates the north end of the magnetic dipole of the background oceanic particle.


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